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Thom began his career in the 80's, working with trade and technology companies, planning and managing the shift into emerging energy efficiency and alternate energy products, eventually specializing in computerized building management systems. Thom combined engineering skills with highly effective strategic planning, quality communications and "people oriented" organizational development to consistently put his clients in a leadership position.  During this period, Thom was instrumental in some of the largest energy projects in North America, including projects in The World Trade Center, The Jacob Javitts Center, CUNY Manhattan and Columbia University.

During the 90's Thom shifted his focus from buildings to people.  Working with larger corporations (see clients), he delivered and managed custom designed technology and management training initiatives.  In initiatives for as many as 9,000 executives, he was instrumental in helping clients improve productivity, efficiency and profits through the increased utilization of information technologies and sound management practices.

As the millennium passed, Thom was deeply influenced by the work of Werner Erhart and began to seek a new level of professional and personal development. During that time he sought out and worked personally with Albert Ellis and Marshall Rosenberg. It was his relationship with these innovators that fashioned the content and direction of Thom’s career as a peacemaker and teacher over the last 12 years.

In 2004, he founded the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, a registered United Nations Civil Society Organization and whose mission is to share, locally and abroad, the skills of peacemaking. Today, through his writing, teaching, speaking, mediating, consulting and coaching, Thom works with thousands of people in over 55 countries, in three languages.

Today, he is the Director of Education for the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, a member of the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations and the Leader Trainer of The Compassion Course.

Other contributions include:

1) Since 2002, Thom has personally funded and delivered “First Mondays” a free community introduction and workshop in Manhattan (on the first Monday of every month) where thousands of people have learned about peacemaking skills.

2) Founder of "The Empathy Cafe" movement.

3) Author “64 Days for Peace” - Free basic Peace Training on the Internet for anyone.

4) Author - an online compassion exercise (over 50,000 paticipants).

5) Author of "The Compassion Course" Over 4,000 participants in 55 countries since 2011.

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